For those of you that may or may not know; the work of Catch Magazine is put together by Todd Moen and Brian O’Keefe who have created an online fly fishing magazine illustrating the best fly fishing photography and video from all over the world! I’ve always loved the collaborative work that “Catch” puts together and that through their magazine they really spark emotion. Whether you are an angler or not it is very inspiring! Every issue is something new, unexpected and adventurous.

Catch Magazine

Fernie is an outdoor mecca that attracts outdoor enthusiasts from around the world and to top if off we are lucky enough to have an amazing dry fly fishery right in our backyard. Of course, Iwas excited when Todd told me he was making the journey to Fernie and asked if I wanted to be involved in a fall filming session. Seemed like a good idea to bring the two together……..”Catch meets Fernie”…. A little nervous on what to expect; but thought what the heck.

Todd was kind enough to wait until the end of the season and the week he arrived was defiantly a hectic one for both of us. I had just spent a week in Bozeman Montana with some of my closet fishing chix; attending the Woman’s International Fly Fishing Festival. I was arriving back in Fernie the same day as Todd was and still had two more day of guiding to wrap up before I was free.

We finally met up and with camera and fishing gear in hand we began a week of adventure. I got him up early; filled him with good lunches; hot spiked beverages and drove him from one side of the Elk Valley to the other and beyond. While Todd was hauling that camera and tripod around; (gotta give the guy credit for that alone!) I had the pleasure of fishing amongst it all……catch,hook, release, repeat…..and maybe not so much in that order….a few got away and a few weren’t even caught!  The fall colors were beautiful and the wet weather magnified the backdrops; especially the rocks in some of the canyons.

Catch Magazine Fly Fishing

We saw some pretty cool wildlife during the week including grizzly bears and fresh wolf prints. Most of the time the fish were cooperating; as you will see there was a few nice ones hooked; but the weather was a little sporadic. The first few days were chilly; the water temperatures stayed low and some of the small creeks wouldn’t budge with their typical afternoon hatches. Amongst it all we did have a few warm days and the local waters uncovered their secrets and allowed me to catch some pretty sweet fish and Todd to get some magnificent shots.…..

Trekking around the valley this time was worth it as “Clearly BC, Fall Bullies Part 1” is now live in the new issue of Catch Magazine.

It turned out awesome; the scenic shots that were captured, the clear waters….the big bad bullies……..

You MUST view it here:

If you haven’t subscribed to this magazine make sure you do!

What you didn’t see in “Clearly, BC” was the few days we spent on the Elk River.

Stay tuned as Part 2 of the Fernie adventure is going to be coming out sometime in the new year! I am excited for this one andso should you!

It features Leah and Heather; two of my good fishing buddies who dropped everything to join me for a few days on the Elk River.

We did bribe them with beer and homemade lunches…..who could resist that! We had some good laughs and caught some serious Elk River hogs.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make Catch’s visit to Fernie a success!

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Mountainside Accommodation was supplied by Torill Myre of Stone Creek #6

Thanks so much!