July 9th / 2011

Was a bit of a chilly morning; but the skies were clear and we knew we were in for a good day.

We put in at Olson’s and decided to float all the way to Fernie. As expected the water temperature was 9.C.

We spent most of the morning checking out the back channels and doing a little exploring; sure enough mid afternoon after the water temperature warmed up we started to see stoneflies of various sizes and colors and caddis flying around.

Flies We Used: Black Caddis sz 12, Stimi Chew Toy Sz 8, green stimi; sz 10

Fernie Fly Fishing in British Columbia

Cool Bug Stuff:

Stoneflies: Plecoptera are an order of insects, commonly known as stoneflies. There are some 3,500 described species worldwide, and new ones are still being discovered.

Caddis Flies: A caddisfly, sometimes called a sedge fly, is an aquatic cousin of moths and butterflies. A caddisfly goes through a complete life cycle of egg, larva, pupa and adult phase. The life cycle of a caddisfly typically takes six months to 2 years to complete.