July 11-15

The morning was a bit overcast and the upper stretches of the Elk River are still flowing fast. But still very fishable.

We floated from Olson down and took our time on the upper sections of the float. There was an evening caddis hatch the night before and sure enough we had some luckon dark bodied caddis in the morning. Even though the mornings are cool and the fishing can be slower; the satisfaction of early morning fish on the dry gets the boat stoked for the rest of the day. I was lucky to have an angler who was super keen to fish only dries.

Fly fishing in Fernie BC

As the day progressed we ran into some slow periods; but after a nice homemade lunch we got into rising fish. They were tucked in a small little tight pocket next to an undercut bank. Super sneaky casting session and landing the fly in the perfect feeding lane broughtsuccess……again and again….too cool.

The next day we floated the lower section from Fernie down to Morrissey ( July. 12)…the fishing turned on! From the boat launch to the take out we saw some beautiful cutties…..The older ones still have their spawn colors and the red on some of the bellies is amazing…..it was a memorable day.