Olson to Fernie Float Trip

Made it home from a quick trip to the coast to pick up the new fishing vehicle…..Had an amazing visit with my family and after a 14 hour drive from Vancouver; you’d think sleep would be a priority….but, the temptation to hit the river woke me up early.

Yes, the water is high and still discolored but that didn’t seem to deter the fish from chomping up our big uglies. Bank dropping bugs and tight pocket water was the ticket.

The water levels are coming down; and as the river is still is moving fast and you have to be ready to pop your bug into any slow moving water against those banks and get out and fish the inside corners.

July. 7th we floated from Olson to Fernie…double float; Good idea to slow it down and get out and walk…explore the bank channels..The clarity and flow was much better; little hiding spots for those cutties…

Just a beautiful day; 30”C out…and wow ….stonefly central..big, small; green, tan,orange bodies…big…uglies….

There as also a variety of dark Caddis’ hatching and even saw a few flying ants….mmmmm interesting…

We were throwing Royal Madam X in various sizes, Orange Stimis and small brown posted stimi’s to imitate the caddis….

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