The weather was a little variable throughout the past few days; but that didn’t stop the fishing from being hot. The cooler temperatures brought out early morning and leftover caddis success with sporadic mayfly hatches throughout the rest of the day. We started the morning with dark bodied caddis and moved to various mayfly patterns including pale morning duns, blue winged olives, gray drakes, and green drakes. As the fish seemed to hone on one pattern every hour or so; making it fun to match the hatch with mayfly emergers, cripples and duns.

I felt like we were chasing the hatch as we moved to different sections of the river. Very interesting and fun fishing! We floated from Hoz to Fernie; which is proving to be a rowing challenge as the water levels drop. The put in at Hosmer remains the same; horrible. Putting in isn’t so bad; but taking out is a challenge as the water levels drop.