September Fly Fishing

It’s hard to imagine that it’s September; I feel like summer just started; yet again; I feel like I say that every year.

Just when the weather gets nice; the leaves start to fall and next thing you know we are putting away our fishing poles and trading them in for ski poles.

Wait a minute; I m looking far too into the future; after all we are still in September; where the days are full of blue skies and the evenings are cool and the leaves are still hanging on.

Fernie has the best of the best and there is no compromise when it comes to the fishing that it offers; right in our backyards. September fishing is when things start to get really interesting and fun. The water levels have dropped and the drift boats are snuggling up to the over exposed gravel bars; trying to think about being as light as a “90lb ballerina” as it slides within the river flow. The fishing has less pressure after a busy summer and the put in’s and take outs seem a little less crowded.

As the days get shorter in September, the fishing window also seems to follow. The Elk River is know for it’s prolific bug hatches and dry fly fishing opportunities and a nice day in September can produce some great surface activity.  In the month of September it’s a good idea to try caddis patterns, small mayflies and midges.

The river dynamics are much more obvious in lower water and the Elk River is a great walk and wade stream in the fall; making crossing and access to nice inside corners and small “bucket water” much easier and more likely for the average angler.

The local fly shop ladies know what’s happening on the river and it’s a great idea to stop by and ask for their personal and guide pick of the week.

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Fernie Fly Fishing