2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour kicks off with a west coast swing starting January 26, at The Majestic Ventura Theatre in Ventura, California. For more information on the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour, the schedule, or to purchase tickets, view movie trailers and get a general idea if you’re going to be a misfit in the crowd, visit their website at: www.flyfilmtour.com

Last year the Fly Fishing Film Tour was met with crazy success, and a 40 percent growth in attendance, of which 26 percent were females and 74 percent troglodytes (dudes). This year’s tour stopped at 110 different locations and included many pre-event parties at local fly shops, which gave people new to the sport the opportunity to learn more about their local fishing opportunities and to manhandle some of the newest toys on the market.

They certainly aren’t the Violent Femmes or even Die Kreuzen, but when these three post mortem members of Naked Raygun, Bhopal Stiffs and Rights of the Accused leave the scene of Mutiny or the Liars Club, they hit the water ass deep in waders and San Juan Worms. While on the road with Pegboy, Larry Damore and Joe Haggarty work their backcasts, while Herb Rosen makes an appearance and occasional beer run.

Reverb: A Punk Rock Love Story is just one of the new film clips traveling the indie theatre scene in the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour by Costa, and if the initial booking of 125 venues is any indication this year’s tour will be riding the tide of enthusiasm from previous tours. Back again for a ride across the nation are the party atmosphere, the giveaways, the films that reach out and touch your soul and the drunk female audience that says she can, “out row all you skinny-assed mofo’s.”

This year’s tour includes films from the perennial fly fishing destinations like Montana, Florida, Idaho and the Gulf of Mexico—numbers three to six on your bucket list right after “Get a job and Buy a car.” Along with the local color are the traveling angler du jour opportunities in the Bahamas, Belize, New Zealand and Canada (AKA France lite).

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Fly Fishing Film Tour