The snow has accumulated and so has the vertical feet skied. The exciting snow days of January and February are fast slipping away but mother nature and Fernie’s famous “Griz” might have other plans for how March plays out.  Could it be a deep snow month!?  We aren’t complaining and don’t mind the daily peace of shoveling; infact; we love it!

The front entrance is crammed with ski gear. Downhill boots, downhill skis, helmets, gloves, ski touring skis, skins, backpacks, transceivers, and a mixed array of other winter gear.  Amongst the collection of ski gear; sitting close at hand and right beside the door is the ever patient fly rod. Not minding the intrusion of cold weather gear; the fly rod knows it never gets put away. Claiming it’s place as the “go to” it stays ready and waiting for a warm day to share on the river.  The image of goodies is an outdoor enthusiasts dream and we couldn’t ask for a better combination of wilderness opportunities in this small mountain town we call Fernie….It’s  pretty easy to fall in love with this valley!

Fernie Fly Fishing

We had interesting weather in January and with a few welcoming warm days, we were able to leave the ski gear at home and spend the day with the fly rod; throwing bugs at fish who were willing to eat……fun or what! Most don’t know; but the Elk River has fantastic fishing in March! The river system goes through it’s cycle of allowable fishing and closes for the season March. 31 and reopens on June. 15. March can prove to be some of the season’s most adventurous , unpredictable and exciting times to fish.

Thoughts turn into conversations of which boat launches are open and which ones would be the easiest to slide the drift boat in and out of. Most are snowed in but every March seems to be a common theme….As everyone drives by with ski racks on their vehicles; here we are heading to the river with the drift boat attached.

Fernie Fly Fishing

The river is low; run off is still a ways away and the snow banks seem like hovering giants as you float by. The views of the snowcapped mountains are hard to beat and the fact that there may be a chance of getting into a little black stone fly hatch keeps the anticipation of good fishing alive. The sunny days offered allow for riffles to warm up, bugs to get active and cutthroat to be ambitious about feeding on springs offerings.  Tail outs show their colors and the bull trout have a hard time hiding from the colorful temptations of home tied streamers.

For those anglers that are anxious to wet a line in March; don’t be fooled by the high snow banks; just be careful walking around. It’s always well worth a trek into your favorite summer fishing hole. There’s plenty of open water and where you find that you will also find some fish!

If your interested in a March adventure let us know; we’d be happy to have you!

Give us a shout if you want some tips, tricks, hints, advice or to catch up on fishing talk!

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