Wet Rocks means the water is dropping!

A beautiful few days in the Elk Valley! Well deserved after all this spring rain! The Elk River is still running chocolate brown;  but water levels are dropping drastically and the visibility is getting better every day. Spring runoff and very high water levels have made some new changes to the way the Elk River carries itself through the valley floor.

Fernie Fly Fishing

July. 2 was the first day that a float was viable. Yes it was dirty; and for sure it’s moving fast but we live right along the river and there were far too many bugs flying around.  New trees  have fallen in as a result of high water and old logs have jammed up amongst themselves; some of which have conveniently found new homes in the middle of the river while others have stopped dead on gravel bars.  There are a few trees that look like are holding onto the banks for dear life; just a matter of time before they too fall in.

The warmth of the days have dished up some healthy doses of hatches including various sizes of stoneflies, black caddis and a few mayflies. The rocks along the banks were coated with schucks and the backwater had stragglers struggling to get free. Included amongst the hatches was random light brown beetles, flying ants and an array of butterflies also added to the glory bowl of hatches.

We had our success tight against the bank; but if you don’t think your a good gambler and want to keep your fly; we also had good luck along the foam lines anywhere you could find some clear water flowing in and below; of course this is a great spot for the cutties to hide from the turbidity.

It was well worth the adventures and in a few more days the Elk River should have more clarity…. Fingers Crossed! For more information or to book a guided day give us a shout! Beckie 250.423.1597