The Elk River is still dropping and  fishing has been awesome.

[Water Levels Elk River]

A new river this year has made for some really  exciting fishing.

The clarity is still not 100% but continuing to improve everyday.

The flood took away some holes and in turn gave us some new buckets, riffles and dancing water to play in. Fun fishing!

If you are floating; much of the river was straightened and the flood cleared out some of the logs on the Hosmer to Fernie Stretch.  The Olson – Hosmer stretch isn’t so bad anymore, now that the nasty sweepers have been cleared out. There is still one spot that can get you. If you are familiar with the river then you will know where I am talking.

Below the old Goodyear hole and below the little creek that flows in on the right……the river braids; left, middle and right. There is a rather large tree across the left channel and you can’t get thru. Take the far right channel and you will be good to go. The far right channel shoots  up against a big rock bank; safe way to go. If you don’t know where i am talking about; then ask otherwise;  you will be walking your boat back up and around.

Wondering what to use? As it takes a little bit for the water temperature to warm up here and the clarity isnt the best you could start the morning streamer fishing or dropping a nymph and playing on the dark side. If you prefer the dry…and should[😉]  stick on a big orange stimi or something worth seeing and pop it into the banks and off the riffles. Small tan caddis, yellow stimi, parachute adams and if you find a picky fish; throw on a ant or beetle. Just slow it down and work the water  and you will have great fishing !! 

Seeing some beautiful big colorful fish this year; so awesome.

Fernie Fly Fishing BC