Fly Fish the Elk –

August is fast approaching; I can’t believe how fast July has gone! There is a lot of chatter on the river banks this year about the carazy changes on not only the Elk River but some of the surrounding creeks…..It has made for an interesting year.

First and foremost…….I have said it before and I will say it again; Fernie has the best fishing guides!

Thanks to all of you amazing local angling guides that have taken the time to cut out sweepers this year. Making the river a safer place to play for all of us!  The sweeper I was talking about in my previous post; just below the old tire hole on the left…where there was a tree across; one of the local guides chainsawed this out as well! You guys rock….

The boat launches are so much fun around here…(anyone that knows me understands my sarcasm) …Heads up to be careful at the Olson boat launch and the Morrissey boat launch. As the river shifted it left unstable ground below; you’ll see where the tire tracks have sunk in at Olson; probably a good indication to stay away from that specific launch point; ….ha ha carry a tow rope just incase….

The Morrissey take out has lots of sand…….which in turn makes it easy to get stuck; so watch where your tires are sinking…..not that big of a deal, just take note.

Aside from the new river rowing adventures fishing has been productive; it has taken it’s sweet time shaping up; but fishing both on the dry and subsurface has been decent.  There has also been some good opportunities swinging streamers to lurking bullies……ha funny how many bullies guests have been landing on the Elk River this year. Yesterday; 5 bullies… 25….hungry fellas….Don’t underestimate the opportunity to catch a bull trout on the upper Elk River and even the Michel Creek.

As for the dry on the Elk River – Tan Elk Hair Caddis sz 14, H&L variant sz 14 , yellow stimulator sz 12 , green drake sz 12, parachute adams sz 14

Dark side recommendations – throw whatever junk you’ve got in the trunk[🙂]  Stonefly – Black or Brown Rubber Leg Stone Fly sz 10, Squirrel Nymph Sz 10, (King of Prince) Prince Nymph sz 18 – 14, BH Hares Ear Sz 12…

Streamers – My favorite is the home tie sculpin…a little black, a little green, tinge of yellow, some peach….rubber legs…irresistible!

The tribs to the Elk are all clear!!! You just gotta get out and fish em!

Reading the Water Suggestions:

You’ll find the fish along riffles, in the “dancing” water, pocket water and buckets along the banks, long slow runs during a hatch….

Sometimes it’s not about the fly you choose but the presentation of that fly. I always remind guests that a dead drifted fly is the best presentation – above their feeding lane. Mend your line, mend your line….and mend it some more…..

And a super handy piece of advice that can not only save your casting arm; but help you land more fish……..I see it all the time on the Elk…The fish are sitting in smaller water than you think… There really is no need to be standing waist deep in the river casting to the other side…..he who casts the furthest catches the least fish!

On that note…good luck and have fun!

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