As I write this the skies are thick with deep dark clouds and it sounds like a “hangry” stomach after a long day of fishing and no food; rumbling away. Think we are in for a little bit of rain…

Fishing the past week has been better in some areas than others.

Elk River – You ask a local guide how fishing is and you will get an array of answers; but in the end they all somewhat say the same thing.  It’s ‘aight’, while other say it’s great – big fish, lots of little guys, more bullies, new water, both dries, streamers and nymphs. 

The little bit of rain we had sparked a green drake hatch for about an hour (where we were atleast) then it was back to throwing big stoneflies against the bank and tweaking the odd streamer for some lurking bullies…(always a blast!)

Elk River Tribs including Alexander and Michel Creek – These rivers have both changed. Mostly the michel. If you are looking to fish the Alexander there is some construction happening along the highway so may be better to park and hit the creek where your out of the way. Alexander is clear, cold and beautiful as always. You are well rewarded for your efforts of being stealth[😉]

The Michel Creek has been busy; eesh….I guess the access makes it an easy target for fishing pressure. The creek bed was really affected by the floods, there is lots of walking between holes if you are on the upper stretches. Have still not seen too many people fishing along the highway and behind where the old pink hotel was….Not the best scenery; but it doesn’t get fish very hard. Hatches on Michel weren’t happening during the day with this hot weather; late evening produced caddis and a few drakes. They have been munching on  green drake patterns and big orange stimis the past few days; picky fish seem to like the small sz 16 royal stimi.

The Elk Valley is a pretty sweet destination; with so many fishing opportunities. Even locals who have grown up here still say that they are exploring new water. Lots of people ask me “where can I go where they won’t see too many people?” If you are looking to get away from the crowds of the heavily fished waters, perhaps you should look at fishing some of the tribs on the upper Elk River, make the journey over to the Bull River or even fish the Skookumchuk (ahhhwesome river!!!).