Elk River Fishing Report: A wet fish is a happy fish!

Fernie Elk River

The water levels are no doubt lower than average in the Elk Valley for this time of year.

Therefore it is even more important to be super careful handling fish. Keep them wet! We get that everyone wants photos of their prize catch but please do the fish a favour by Keeping them Wet when you are taking a photo, landing and releasing them.

Perhaps it may be a smart idea to pick one fish out of your entire day to capture that memory. We love to see fish pictures but we support ?#?keepemwet?, especially when the water levels are lower than average and temperatures are higher than average! 

Letting them go so they can grow also means proper fish handling.

There are a lot of anglers that come from out of town that don’t know what normal water levels but we are telling you, the water is getting lower as the season is progressing and you might want to re think your walk and wading on the small tributaries.

The Elk River has been fishing awesome! We are in full swing with daily float trips and basking in the sun while throwing dries for happy cutties. There has been some great hatches and a tiny bit of cloudy weather and rain this past week stimulated the green drakes to make an appearance. During the day try throwing big stoneflies, hoppers or ants and as the evening cooler temperatures approach try a PMD or small caddis[🙂]

Have fun and be safe out there!

Beckie – Owner

Beckie Fly Fish Fernie